Air fryer vs Deep Fryer


air fryer vs deep fryer

Imagine you are in one of your favourite appliance shops or sitting at home with a glass of wine by the bedside and your head bent forward looking intently on your tablet. I chose a tablet because it is easy to carry . Also, you can pass it around when you find something you like and you want a second opinion from a family member or a friend. The agenda  for the day is looking to buy your very own deep fryer. You are spoiled with choices. You want the best one but you also want to buy the best value for money. Who doesn’t like a bargain!! There are several on display advertising massive savings and even cash backs. Before you press the buy now button, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Which one shall I go for , air fryer or the deep fryer? will my fries taste the same with air fryer, will it brown and crisp up nicely? can I  really cook with the little oil to give the desired results? 


air fryer vs deep fryer

Traditional deep fryer:

The basic components of a deep fryer come with a heating elements, removable basket for easy cleaning, some come with a viewing window and vapour filter for odour control, timer and a thermostat. Others come with a drain tap to remove the oil. Max food and oil capacity differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What type of Oil should I use in my deep fryer?

Most manufacturers advertise to use oils with the high smoke point for your deep fryer. Examples of oils with high smoke point include sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and those with a low smoke point are olive oil and butter.


air fryer vs deep fryer

  • How often do I need to change the oil?

Many producers will advise you to change the oil in your deep fryer every 5 to 25 uses. You and I both know unless you keep a record of how many times you use the oil in the deep fryer, there is no telling. Normally you know when your house starts smelling like your chip shop. It is important to change the oil in your deep fryer as often as you can. The recommended average oil change is 8-10 uses. This doesn’t end there, once the cooking is finished and the oil is cooled, the remaining oil is usually strained through a sieve to remove any food debris and bits floating or left at the bottom of the oil. When it’s all cleaned, pour back the oil in a sealed container ready for the next use. Most people just leave the oil in the fryer ready the next use.

Now, what do I do with the old oil from my deep fryer?

The most local council have a guideline on where and how to get rid of your old cooking oil. Never pour it down the drain as this is illegal. Oil pollution is a huge problem on our planet.  There are oil banks around the country. If you live in the UK, visit the oil care website  to find one near you.

 What is Air fryer

The first air fryer was introduced by Philips back in 2010. This type of cooking uses hot air technology to cook the food. It is made of a mechanical fan that circulates hot air around food at high-speed. The temperatures can reach up to 200 degrees. There is also a heating elements, a thermostat and a countdown timer. It also comes with a removable chamber with a basket which houses the food. The maximum food capacity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Air fryers come with air filters that take away any smell that may come from the food.The hot air can cook several foods including potatoes chips, chicken, fish and pastries.

The removable food chamber part is easy to clean.  Once food has finished cooking, there is a cooling system which cools the air fryer.

What type of oil should I use in cooking using air fryer?

Normal cooking oil is good enough but you only need a spoonful of oil. This is a healthier option as you don’t need litres of oil to fill the fryer. You only need a teaspoon of oil to rub around the food irrespective of the food and quantity.

How often do I change the oil in the air fryer?

None !! Air fryers use very little oil to crisp up food and give it that golden brown colour without compromising the flavour and taste of the food. Air fryers also help  reduce your calories intake by reducing the excess fat content from meals. Air fryers come with food trays which collect all the excess fat excess fat during cooking. Altogether a cleaner and healthier way to prepare your food in my opinion.


air fryer vs deep fryer

Food is cooked in a healthier way than the traditional deep fryer. This study by  Shaker M. Arafat confirms this theory.  Taste, colour, odour and  moisture were not affected when air fryer was used in cooking  during this test.

Air fryers are easy, safe and economical to use and produce food exactly as expected Looking for a satisfactory taste and a healthier lifestyle? Please check on my best air fryer for home use.

We all enjoy foods  that are fried but if you eat too much of fried food, you will end up with the food you eat, full of grease. 



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  • August 15, 2016 at 12:09 pm
    If we come to discuss on between air fryer and deep fryer, in this regard i want to say its depends on personal test. However at present, there are many kinds of kitchen appliances to help the people to cook food effortlessly. The air fryer and the deep fryers help people to cook wonderful foods. People need not remain beside the gas stove for a long time to cook. People need to pour ingredients into a bowl or adjust the time. A fryer will cook the food automatically and indicates the user that the meal is prepared. Read air fryer vs deep fryer and find the best one for you. Which one do you need to buy to cook food in your home? Well, after reading the comparative study of air fryer versus deep fryer, you will get the answer yourself. So further more you can visit here- Finally Thanks to admin for your great comparison. This is really great. Reply
    • October 12, 2016 at 4:10 pm
      Hi Chester! Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. Yes, there are several cooking appliances out there used to fry food without having your food swimming in ocean of oil. Air fryer is definitely a better option health wise and as you said, it all boils down to personal preference. Reply

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